After graduating at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, he worked with Italian and foreign galleries.

Since 1986 he has had numerous participations in collective exhibitions and international reviews. Among the public works he has created the installation in Naples Metro - Piscinola / Scampia station in 2005, the "Scultura per il parco della Legalità" in 2008, the monument in memory "Scala" installed in the P.zza Del Ricordo in Pozzuoli in July 2014. One of his work can be seen in the “Museo del Novecento” at Castel Sant'Elmo. The Companion project can be seen at Museo Madre.

Lello Lopez research is based on reality, on experience made up of encounters with people. Inner analysis and reflections on the concept of the present are elements of his conceptual researches. It is realized through various expressive tools chosen from time to time according to the communication needs. All of Lopez's artistic activity is elaborated through autobiographical data that recall the general lines of Freudian Traumtheorie. According to Lopez, space is a surface full of meanings, possibilities and eventualities, a ground in which thought dwells.

"In his work, memory takes on a physical and symbolic value: it becomes a catalouge of experience, an archive of an emotional fabric made of counters, a stable theater of objects and shapes that return from the past to parade on the ground of present and thus becomes the chronicle of a life, that of the individual who aims to synthesize the impact of the humans in a social plot increasingly blunted by the media circle, rarefied by the dulling of reason, bent and plagued by standardization, by daily oblivion. "

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