Andrea Branzi maintains that the objects which man loves and surrounds himself with in his home are often like domestic animals, living in perfect symbiosis with him, while in reality retaining an explicit autonomy. They therefore speak to us, listen to us, become elements of comparison, making the domestic space a network of symbols, exorcisms, representations and mythical culture.

The ultimate aim of my creations is to understand how these objects can have their own nature, how they can be vectors, a sort of compass capable of guiding the relationship between man and landscape.

Within this research is the very concept of a product that is extended, no longer an object, but a network, able to tell stories and tales that exist between man and nature. Three key concepts guide my work: encounter, relationship and dialogue. I would like to explore how people can create a connection with the landscape that surrounds them and how this connection inspires the flow of the story.

Generating new models to form the basis of new ideologies allows one to suggest an alternative vision of thinking or behaving, but above all it permits one to read history and to understand how it draws its lifeblood from the relationship between man and the environment.

Diego Cibelli

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